It is an interactive, visible means of communication for the school community!

The Pride Rock will also provide a source of fundraising for WYMLA. The Phoenix Pride Rock is available to be painted by individual students, sponsored student groups, or parents/families of WYMLA students. Suggested paintings on the Pride Rock include but are not limited to event announcements, words of support and congratulations, birthday messages, or creative endeavors. All paintings must be in good taste and convey a positive message and are subject to approval by WYMLA administration.



WYMLA administration and PTSA will monitor the Pride Rock to ensure that postings fall within the above-established guidelines.

A. Individuals, school groups, parents/families may rent the Pride Rock for personal messages for 24 hours for a $10 fee. The $10 reservation fee gives you access to the rock from 4 pm the day BEFORE your reservation until 4 pm the day of your reservation. (For example, if you reserve the rock for October 6th, you will have the rock from 4 pm on October 5th through 4 pm on October 6th.)

B. Reservations MUST be made and paid for using MemberHub

C. To rent the Pride Rock you must sign up and pay the $10 at the time the reservation is made. Please be advised that this is first come first serve, so plan accordingly. No refunds will be given for missed dates. 

D. All individuals, groups, and organizations must supply their own paint. Please be advised that there is no running water to clean brushes. Bring a brush for each color you use. 

E. The Pride Rock may only be painted, and all painting supplies must be removed when painting is complete. No individual, group, or organization is permitted to paint the sidewalk, grass or anything else surrounding the Pride Rock. The individual, group, or organization will be held financially responsible for the cleaning costs associated with violation of this policy.

F. Phoenix Pride Rock paintings must be in good taste. Keep in mind that what is painted on the Rock reflects on you and/or your organization. No offensive, political, religious messages or pictures will be tolerated.

G. Paintings must be in accordance with the ideals set forth in the school’s Parent/Student Handbook. Students found in violation of these policies will be subject to school level discipline.

H. The group or individual painting the Pride Rock assumes liability for any individual or member of the group or organization who may be injured and/or for actions associated with the activity, and will hold WYMLA harmless from the same.

I. The Pride Rock is not a place to promote political messages, controversial social causes, or radical expression. If a painting is deemed offensive, it will immediately be removed and no refund will be given!



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1. The best paint to use is spray paint. You will probably need 1.5 to 3 spray paint cans for a good base coat, or a quart of exterior latex paint. It will depend on the color you are using and the color that is already on the rock. Latex paint or paint that is rolled on will take longer to dry.

2. To paint your design, we recommend acrylic craft paint and craft or foam brushes. They are available at the Dollar Store, Wal-Mart or any craft store. No glue, puffy paint, or other chemicals. 

Take a pic of your finished rock and post with our hashtag: #PhoenixPrideRocks

Or tag us on Instagram @WYMLA_PTSA

Please contact with any questions!